The Complete Business Blueprint for Optimizing Your Laundry Business

Add an Additional Revenue Stream to Your Existing Self-Service Laundromat
Decrease Costs through Processing Efficiencies and Incentivized Pay Structures
Increase Profitability with Our Pricing Formula and Logistics Advice
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The Complete Business Blueprint for Your WDF or Delivery Laundry Business!

Featuring Over 140 Pages of In-Depth Instruction on How to Launch, Scale & Optimize a WDF Business in Your Market

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Learn How to


Laundry Pick-Up & Delivery in Your Market

Route Planning

Route Planning

It's so much more than just a laundry business, this is a logistics business! Learn how to create efficient, profitable routes and scale as you grow.
Incentivizing Pay Structures

Incentivizing Pay Structures

A key componenet to profitability is in the speed of processing. Learn how to create processor pay structures that create a win for both the company and the employees.
Strategies for <br>Efficient Processing

Strategies for
Efficient Processing

For employees to be most efficient, they must be supplied with the proper tools. Learn how to set up your store to maximize processor efficiencies and speed.
Consistent Quality <br> Customer Service

Consistent Quality
Customer Service

We're not happy unless our customers are! Learn the processes in place to ensure the customer experience is consistently of high quality.

Testimonials from Our Customers

Seth: “The thing that surprised me the most was the amount of detail they went into. Preparing the handbook that we received, all the information in there, a lot of details and coverage on all of their processes, that's been very helpful."

Katie: "Also, the willingness to share anything and everything they have like vendors and processes. There's no secrets. They're just an open book."

Seth & Katie Hensarling
Turbo Laundry - Fort Worth, TX
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Each Handbook Comes with a Coupon for $1,000 OFF our In-Person WDF & Delivery Workshop!

WDF & Delivery Dynamics: A Complete Business Blueprint goes through every session in our workshop, but sometimes you need to really experience our processes and procedures firsthand.

Every handbook purchase comes with a coupon that can be used for any future Laundromat Millionaire WDF & Delivery Workshop up to 12 months after purchase - $1,000 OFF the cost of registration!

The In-Person Workshop Includes:

Experience our processes & procedures firsthand
Engage in Q&A throughout and get two coaching calls with Dave after the workshop
Network with other operators across the world

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WDF & Delivery in Your Market

Welcome & Queen City Laundry WDF & Delivery Model Overview:

Prepare to be amazed at the scalable simplicity of our KPI’s, Revenue Breakdown & Operational Framework. In this welcome session, we explain how Queen City Laundry competes and dominates the big boys as an Independent Operator and how you can too!

You’ll want to have your highlighter ready as we describe the competitive advantages of Market Differentiators and how to make them work in your favor. This first session is a high-level overview of the entire workshop that’ll get your creative mind running wild.

Getting Started with The Proper Operational Foundations & Avoiding the Costly Mistakes

With the welcome and overview in hand, it’s time to get to work! We start by introducing the most common mistakes we see operators make (and have made ourselves). Next, we discuss the phases your business will go through and teach you how to launch your WDF & Delivery business to set you up for success. Last, we teach you how to price for profit and how to control the areas where costs get out of hand. While this session is geared towards those that are preparing to launch in their market, there’s plenty to be learned at all levels of operations.

How Strategic Redundancies & A Rockstar Team are the keys to Scalability.

To build a “scalable” business we must have the right foundation of redundancies and CORE Team in place, but this doesn’t need to be complicated.

We will define the roles needed at launch but more importantly dive into what the Queen City Laundry team structure and culture looks like today and how to position yourself for accelerated growth.

The Art of Repeatable Folding & Packaging       

Folding and bagging laundry isn’t difficult to do if you know how and have experience. Doing it quickly also isn’t difficult to do if quality isn’t a top priority. What is difficult is to accomplish a high-quality control, in an efficient manner and with highly repeatable consistency.

Though this session is taught hands-on in our workshop, here you will find our detailed Standard Operating Procedures for folding and packaging every type of item we encounter. Grab a folding board and follow along step-by-step to learn the art of folding and packing in a quick, efficient, and highly repeatable process with stunning consistency. Learn this art and you’ll be well on your way to Elite status in your market!

The Art of Intake, Delegation and how Ownership of the Order is our secret weapon!         

Read about how our leadership team and drivers intake the days bounty of laundry from Cincinnati, Ohio. Yes, in the beginning there’s not much to this, but, as you scale, there’s an art to intake and assigning the orders to your team based on their strengths, weaknesses, and availability. 

Also learn how our strategic “Ownership of the Order” process is one of our secret weapons and how we train, implement, and hold our processors accountable to high standards.

Lastly, in this advanced session learn what are reasonable speeds for a processor, how soon to expect a high level of production and the delicate balance of onboarding and training a new processor.  

Studying the Variations of Pickup & Delivery Logistics

It’s no secret that at Queen City Laundry, we are big believers in a Route Based Delivery System, but what exactly does that mean and why is it better?

In this session we will dive deep into all things logistics which includes On Demand, Window Based or Route Based Logistics? Prepare to be challenged as Dave coaches the group through this vitally important discussion.

The science behind a 3rd Shift Laundry Processing Team and scaling to the moon!

This is the session that  is most people’s favorite part of the workshop. Though you're not here to  witness it in action, our detailed Standard Operating Procedures for 3rd shift processing explain every step in the process, the materials needed and even some photos to help you learn and replicate the art that is 3rd shift production at volume. Some clients have called this a “Thing of Wonder that you have to see to believe.”

(Loading, Sorting, Washing to Setup & Prep to Move to Dryers to Stocking Carts to Cleanup Washer Dept to Remove from Dryer/Layout to Folding/Packaging to Cleanup Dryer Dept to Lock up)

Route Optimization for Efficiency & Delivery Vehicle Loading

What happens the morning after processing? We share our extra steps to ensure quality control before delivery. Learn  how routes are optimized in our software, counts are measured, and the truck is loaded in an organized and efficient manner.

In Store Facilities/Operations Q&A

Unfortunately, we can't jump through your handbook and answer your questions, but use this page to jot them down. Bring them up when you attend our in-person workshop or reach out on social media or in one of our online live q&a's!

Customer Service Solutions & Strategies

This isn't just a laundry business, it's a trust business - and we earn that through delivering a consistent, high-quality product along with providing outstanding customer service! Here, we share the keys we found for delivering a a high level of customer service to our WDF customers on a reasonable budget.

Marketing & Advertising to our Ideal Avatar for Success in a Competitive Market

Exactly what's the difference between advertising & marketing? How do we focus our brand to serve and attract our ideal customers? Where is our budget best spent? All this and more are answered in this session.

Digital Marketing Solutions with Brett Lyon, LaundroBOOST CEO

This in-person only session is not outlined in the handbook, but visit our website to see the digital marketing services we provide.

Key Strategies for Attracting, Screening, Hiring and Retaining a Rockstar Team

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to." - Richard Branson

Everyone knows it's tough to find and build an amazing team. Everyone also knows this is vitally important to the success of a growth-oriented team. Because of Dave's operational and coaching experience, he's had a unique perspective on most topics and this one is no different. We go in depth in this session on how we find the right employees for each position, how we compensate them, how we train them and how we create a company culture that keeps them. We also revisit our incentivizing pay structure for our processors and share our bonus structure for our entire company. This session covers a ton, but it's critical to avoiding that revolving door in your organization.

  • Job Descriptions for Drivers, Processors & Attendants
  • Stain Removal Procedures
  • Marketing Automations
  • Pricing Formula & Bonuses Chart
  • Supply List with Current Prices
  • SOP's for Intake & Delegation, Ownership of the Order, Folding & Packaging, Processing, Driver's Duties & Much More!

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