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Introducing our Signage: Attention Customers, an informative and convenient solution for communicating the payment preference of dollar coins and highlighting the benefits it brings. This signage is designed to streamline transactions and provide a hassle-free experience within your establishment.

Our downloadable Sign Image comes with a customized background color of your choice, allowing you to tailor it to your branding or aesthetic preferences. Alternatively, you can opt for a fully customized product with your logo and colors, which will be delivered directly to your email address.

This signage boldly captures attention with the headline “ATTENTION Customers” and clearly states that the machine only accepts US dollar coins as a form of vended payment. It effectively communicates to customers that using dollar coins simplifies transactions and reduces the number of coins they need to deal with, ultimately benefiting them.


  • Signage Type: Downloadable Sign Image or Fully Customized Product
  • Background Color: Customizable
  • Delivery Method: Download or Email
  • Image dimensions are  3:4 or 1:2


Members can download the Signage design for free, allowing for immediate use. We also offer 20% discount when ordering the customized version of this product.

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