Preferred Service Providers

We are independent laundromat owners, just like many of you, and we are always looking to improve our business and our customers' experience.

We Don't Just Recommend Them, WE USE THEM!

See below for links to the service providers we use and recommend to our fellow operators. LET'S ELEVATE THIS INDUSTRY TOGETHER! *

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A Laundromat Millionaire Company focused on website design, site optimization, google ads, geofencing, and more! Let us help you increase your customer base with our cost-effective digital strategies!

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Injection System

By adding the Hydro Perfect Pour Soap Injection System to our laundromat, we not only increase self-service revenue through modifiers, but also increase wdf efficiency and decrease supply costs and waste!

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Is your laundry business fully protected? Are you paying reasonable rates for the coverage you need? The expert brokers through The Laundromat Millionaire Insurance Program have decades of experience insuring laundromats and can get you the right coverage at the right price!

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Payroll Services

ADP Payroll System has a easy-to-use interface making payroll a breeze! They keep track of all those taxes, fees, insurance, etc so we can focus on building our business.

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Floor Cleaner

Customers rave about our clean floors and our Mopit Floor Cleaner makes the job so much easier and faster for our attendants!

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Get the cleaning power of the most popular detergent brands without the hefty price tags! Aura products work amazingly well, come in a variety of scents or free & clear and in both liquid or powder forms. Available for order in bulk or smaller quantities from 55 gallon drums down to 1 gallon bottles.

Use the promo code “LM5” at checkout to get 5% OFF all Aura branded Detergents & Softeners!*

*Discount not applicable to local NY or NJ delivery customers and clients with grandfathered pricing.


Provide customers access to popular magazines, games & trivia digitally through the scan of one QR code, using their phone or tablet to enjoy this free entertainment. The personalized, geofenced QR code works during their visit and up to 36 hours after they leave. No app or download required! The only ads they see are those you choose to place for your business.

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Cents provides all the software you’re laundromat or laundry service will ever need in one platform – a POS system, card readers, delivery/route management, customer management, and employee management all linked together!

Customer Service

Provide high-quality customer service in-house at a low cost! This customized call center service has been perfect for our laundry delivery business!

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H-M Company is our Equipment Distributor servicing OH, KY, and IN, but they also market their amazing drain trough systems worldwide! We use them in several of our stores making the washers drain faster with less clogs!

Ozone System

Making every load whiter, brighter, and your whole laundromat smelling fresh, we use SanOWash Ozone System to sanitize our machines with every wash!

Laundry Bags

Spector Textile’s laundry bags are durable, well-made and can be customized with your logo. We provide our custom bags for all delivery customers and also sell them in our stores.

Laundry Carts

R&B Wire has various products designed specifically for the laundry industry. Their laundry carts are all well made and they stand by their products with amazing customer service!


Easy to use and easy to link with any bank accounts, we use Quickbooks Online to keep track of all of our businesses’ revenues and expenses.


Whether creating signs for our stores, brochures, stickers, flyers or business cards, Vistaprint consistently delivers a high quality custom product at reasonable prices.