Catered Coaching

6 Month Commitment
Tested and Effective Methods
Coached Over 100 Laundromat Owners to Achieve Success
Personalized to Accelerate Your Success and Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes
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Customized Advice

Customized Advice

Every situation is different, hence every client gets a customized advice to their problems guiding them to achieve success in the laundromat industry.
Client Driven Calls

Client Driven Calls

Clients are free to choose the topic of the calls and we will go over it in detail and achieving wins even in the call depending on the size of the issue/question.
Unlimited Texts & Emails

Unlimited Texts & Emails

Supplementary communication is essential between the 2 calls in the month, since it's super important to see the results for the solutions discussed in the calls and also to answer smaller questions.
Ala Carte Hours

Ala Carte Hours

Depending on needs, ala carte hours can be purchased at a discounted price, where we can go over any additional problems, processes and procedures.

Testimonials from Previous Attendees

As a struggling laundromat owner, I was desperate for guidance to rebuild. I was blessed to come across Dave Menz. Dave shared so much knowledge and wisdom that he had learned along the way. I followed Dave's guidance, and my business is heading in the right direction again. Not only have I gained so much perspective, I have gained an amazing friend. I would highly recommend Dave as a coach and mentor!

Natalie Knighton
Washing Time Laundry - Boise, ID

After only a few sessions of Dave's coaching, our business's profitability was changed forever. It was as if the skies opened up and God spoke to me!

Joe Capasso
EZZ Washateria - Houston, TX

Dave's coaching advice and counsel have saved me a lot of money, time, and wasted energy. Having someone who is looking out for your best interest in succeeding in this industry is very important. With his encouragement, my laundromats are running much stronger and going to the next level. I appreciate having an expert like him in my life.

Josh Peters
Laundromat Owner - Buffalo, NY

What His Clients Say...

Explaining what did they learn from our coaching sessions and where it got them.

Ready to See?

How Do I Successfully Grow My Business?

Dave has personally helped over a hundred laundromat owners find success in the laundromat industry through his personalized one-on-one coaching. Every situtation is different and advice is customized to each client’s needs, but Dave guides them to answer the question. Ready to see how Dave can help you accelerate your business acumen?

Get your pricing together
Solving quick problems and getting you quick wins
Only coaching up to 15 people at a time separately in the program

Don't Forget

12 One-on-One Coaching Hours with Dave

during the 6 months in the coaching program

Grow Your Business

Learn how to effectively grow your business avoiding the general major money drains.

Set Growth Goals

It's important to always set a goal for yourself and monitor your achievement during the program and how far did you go.

Stay Committed

Passion and commitment is essential to build up a successful business. This is why staying committed during the 6 months will bring you the best results.

Testimonials from Previous Attendees

I met Dave Menz at the CLEAN Show in 2019. Shortly after meeting him, I began using him as a coach/mentor. A few years late, I can directly point to his coaching as a $150,000 increase in my company's profitability. I couldn't recommend his expertise anymore!

Kent Wales
Happy Laundry - Spokane, WA

Dave is clearly very passionate about the laundromat business, entrepreneurship and helping others. His approach to mentoring is from a servant heart which I believe is rare these days and very much appreciated. Dave listened, asked questions and provided guidance to help me evaluate the best course of action for my specific situation. I truly felt like I was speaking with a friend and would highly recommend him as a resource and ally in your business.

Linda Dang
Investor - Houston, TX

Discover our Story

Dave grew up in poverty and overcame superhero-like obstacles. His story, revealed in his debut book, Laundromat Millionaire – The Grit to Elevate an Industry is a life and business journey that doesn’t stop at rags to riches.

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One-on-One Coaching Program Details

Are You Ready to Become the Next Laundromat Millionaire??

What Package Do We Offer?

One-on-One Coaching Program


Be the one who elevates your business to the next level!

Unlimited Texts & Emails
Message Dave anytime if a question arise and discuss problems at the earliest time.
Ala Carte Hours
Ala Carte Pricing of $300 per hour of any additional calls with Dave, if needed.
1 Year Membership
Enjoy a stunning 1 Year Free Membership in The Laundromat Millionaire Community!
12x One-Hour One-on-One Coaching
Includes 12 One-Hour One-on-One Coaching calls with Dave during the 6 months of the program.

Need Just a Little Time with Dave??

Are you not ready for a 6-month commitment, but need an experienced coach in your corner?
Purchase individual hours with Dave below and the contract and scheduling link will be sent to you to book your call.

Dave's One-on-One Coaching Program