Taking Action on a “Free” Laundromat with Yannick Tuwamo

Is that “Free Laundromat” really free? Yannick Tuwamo, owner of The Soapbox Global Laundry in Columbus, Ohio shares his journey into purchasing his first laundromat, the challenges and his advice for others looking to enter the laundry industry. Follow along in this interview with Dave & Carla Menz on The Laundromat Millionaire Show, pull out the “golden nuggets” to help you enter the laundry industry, find the right deal and create a profitable community resource! https://linktr.ee/thelaundromatmillionaire.com

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Timestamps 00:00 Service Provider Spotlight – LaundroBoost 02:18 The Laundromat Millionaire Show Intro 04:43 Yannick’s Backstory – from Real Estate to Laundromats 15:01 Why Buy a Laundromat? Where Do You Start? 17:55 What it means to “Take Action” 19:42 The Zombiemat and Selling Your Vision 27:23 The Renovation and Its Challenges 31:33 The Real Cost of a “Free Laundromat” 33:26 His Store Today 35:27 Creating the Right Mix of Machines 38:00 The Payment System 40:58 Improving Reviews 43:03 WDF, Delivery & Dry Cleaning 44:34 Pricing for Machines & Services 46:34 Challenges with Adding WDF 47:49 Advice for Newbies Entering the Industry 51:07 Yannick’s Future Plans 53:02 Closing Remarks