Stress-Free Payroll Solutions w/Justis Mullins

Does your head hurt just thinking about payroll?? Taxes, social security, worker’s comp, unemployment insurance, OSHA, the FLSA, & more to keep track of makes outsourcing payroll a must for business owners! In this episode of The Laundromat Millionaire Show, Dave & Carla Menz interview Justis Mullins, Small Business Sales Manager of ADP Services, to explore solutions for the independent laundromat owner. Justis shares guidance on where to start, avoiding costly mistakes, and affordable strategies for scaling your HR to mirror what the big companies offer! Stay tuned til the end as they share a special discount for followers of The Laundromat Millionaire Show!!

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Timestamps 00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 00:37 Laundromat Millionaire & ADP Partnership and Special Offer 02:38 Justis’ role and background with ADP 05:31 Technology Company, Not Just Payroll 07:11 Small Business Focus 09:38 Complimentary Business Needs Assessment 11:16 Is ADP Right for You? Services Offered for Small Business 13:48 Labor & Wages Laws Compliance 14:18 Contractor vs Employee 18:50 Our Transition to Using a Payroll Company 19:51 ADP Payroll Services 24:10 Impact on Hiring & Retention 31:09 Other ADP Services – Full HR Platform 34:27 Employee Handbook Generator 35:39 Help with Hiring 36:13 Healthcare & Retirement Benefits 44:43 Special Offer for New Subscribers to ADP 48:39 Closing Remarks