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  1. Jake McKnight
  2. Dave Menz


  1. I will respectfully disagree with one thing here Dave, you recorded this video in Oct 2020 and money was cheap…then. As I am watching this now, it is Dec. 2022 and inflation is stupid as well as interest rates right now. I was looking at Dexters offers and as of right now they are offering new investors 9.25% variable interest, which is not cheap….BUT the benefits of having new equipment far outweigh the cost.

  2. Hi Jake, I partially agree. Money was definitely cheaper in 2020 than today in 2022 for sure!
    I actually believe it’s still a great time to invest BECAUSE of inflation of over opportunity.

    Yes, we’re paying for in interest but inflation is offsetting that or atleast should be if our prices are set properly and increased to keep up with inflation.

    Next factoring in opportunity, it’s still a tremendous time to invest in our stores.

    Hope this makes sense but I agree with your overall sentiment that 2020 was a better time to invest than 2023. This doesn’t make 2023 a bad time if you know what you’re doing.

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