Secrets to Scaling wit Joe Dan & Kelli Reed

Are you looking to get into the laundry industry or already in and want to grow? This episode of The Laundromat Millionaire Show is full of advice on hot topics such as whether to retool or build new, which equipment to buy, want to negotiate in your lease, how big should your laundromat be, which payment system is right for you, how to scale a pick-up & delivery service, and much more! Get advice from industry veterans Joe Dan & Kelli Reed as Dave & Carla dive deep into the world of laundromat ownership!

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0:00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 0:03:45 Splash Em Out on YouTube 0:06:33 Dan & Kelli’s Backstory 0:08:52 How a Cleaning Company Began the Laundry Journey 0:10:56 The 1st Laundromat 0:12:56 Tips for Staffing 0:15:12 Learning from Mistakes – Partners & Free Laundromats 0:18:13 Growing from 1 to 10 Laundromats 0:20:08 Are “Free Laundromats” a Thing of the Past? 0:21:45 Building New vs Retooling 0:22:47 What to Look for in a Laundromat Purchase 0:24:47 Attended vs Non-attended Stores 0:25:34 Advice for Your Lease 0:30:30 Preferred Laundry Equipment 0:34:04 When to Retool Again 0:36:06 When to Buy Cheaper Machines 0:40:08 Journey into Wash-Dry-Fold & Pickup Delivery 0:42:24 Adding a Folding Machine 0:44:40 Becoming More Profitable by Decreasing Service Area 0:46:16 Should You Target Commercial Accounts? 0:47:47 Preferred Payment Systems 0:54:01 Trade-In Incentives 0:55:27 Giving Back to Customers 0:57:02 Joe Dan & Kelli’s Contact Info 0:58:03 Power of Networking 1:02:06 Prevalence of “ZombieMats” 1:03:35 Closing Remarks