Scaling with Simplicity w/Branden Unnerstall

How can you expand your chain of laundromats and keep it simple to manage?? Learn how Branden Unnerstall, owner of 16 laundromats in St Louis, Missouri, has done just that! In this episode of The Laundromat Millionaire Show Dave, Carla & Brandon discuss how to scale, the hiring for customer service, developing a brand, the impact of their Christian faith on their business and much, much more!

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Timestamps 00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 00:31 Brandon’s Backstory 06:04 Scaling – More Stores Makes It Easier! 11:48 Layers of Management – Employee Roles 13:54 Coins vs Cards and the Impact on Scaling 16:32 Technological Revolution in the Laundry Industry 17:14 The Laundromat Business Model for Best Wash 21:34 Buy or Build and Owning the Land 23:21 The Necessary Components of a “Modernized Laundromat” 26:10 Hiring for Customer Service 29:39 Equipment Used & Recommended 34:51 Simple Scales, Fancy Fails 36:06 Different Models for Success 37:31 Customer Service and the Impact on Customer Loyalty 39:25 Low-Cost Solutions for Business Growth 42:14 Importance of Branding 46:03 Impact of Faith on Business and Leadership 49:42 Closing Remarks & Contact Info 50:42 Sharing More & Increasing Customer Base