Our Customer Service Strategies Revealed w/Dave & Carla

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and so can you! Learn our methods for keeping it easy, affordable, and high-quality. We share with you the tools we use, how they work, what they cost and the policies we implement to maintain that high customer satisfaction and retention. This episode is perfect for not only any laundromat owner, but any business owner!

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Timestamps 00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 02:14 Customer Service in the Store – Prioritize it! 10:29 Minimizing Calls 13:43 Our Phone Tree Options 18:12 Pick-Up & Delivery Customer Service Solutions 20:12 How Reception Call Service Works 29:57 Customer Service Policies that Work for Us 40:01 Documenting Standard Operating Procedures 40:43 Cost of Tools Used 43:48 Customer Service Summary 47:12 Links to Preferred Service Providers and Discounts