New Innovation in Customer Entertainment with Scott Janney

Interested in FREE Entertainment for your customers?? Looking for another way to differentiate your business from the competition?? Scott Janney, Co-Founder and CEO of Magazine Jukebox shares the story behind his innovative new product and Dave & Carla share its impact after months of use in their stores. Learn about the free option or for a small monthly investment, a way to add another form of marketing for your business. Be sure to stay tuned for the special discount for our followers!!

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Timestamps 00:00 The Laundromat Millionaire Show Intro 00:18 Topic Overview 01:31 Scott Janney’s Entrepreneurial Journey 07:40 The Idea Behind Magazine Jukebox 10:59 Getting Buy In From Publishers 14:54 Expanding to Laundromats 16:57 What is Magazine Jukebox and How does it work?? 23:33 Creating a Market Differentiator for Your Store 27:10 Why Geofence the Location? 28:56 Free versus Paid Plan 32:00 Advertising Opportunities 35:17 Our Experience with Magazine Jukebox at Queen City Laundry 45:33 Increasing Marketing Lists 48:12 Wifi Not Required 48:45 Options in Other Languages 51:21 Additional Features Coming Soon 52:15 Closing Remarks