Navigating Delivery & Cutting Costs w/Dave & Carla

Interested in Laundry Delivery, but not sure about the Logistics Options? Already doing Delivery and want to Increase your Profit Margin? In this episode with Dave & Carla Menz, they explore the different Logistical Models for Delivery and help you navigate which is the best for you. Additionally they share tips for creating a model the customers will love! Also, learn about WDF & Delivery Dynamics: The Complete Business Blueprint, the handbook from their workshops, now available for individual sale!

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Timestamps 00:00 Service Provider Spotlight: Mopit 01:47 The Laundromat Millionaire Show Intro 02:12 Topic Overview 03:43 Impact of Logistics Costs 04:13 The 3 Main Types of Logistic Models 05:14 The On-Demand Model 13:36 The Windows-Based Model 18:49 The Route-Based Model 25:35 Route Design Tips 32:19 Logistics Cost Targets 34:25 Business Blueprint Details 38:51 Closing Remarks