Laundry Service Marketing That Gets Results with Brett Lyon

Learn tips for successfully marketing your laundry business with former professional hockey player turned marketing wizard, Brett Lyon. Stay tuned for a special announcement and offer as Dave, Carla & Brett reveal what they’ve been working on together and how it can impact your business!

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0:00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 0:02:48 Brett’s Backstory 0:10:10 From Pool Boy to Entrepreneur 0:15:13 Why Marketing? 0:19:09 Why Focus on Laundromats? 0:24:01 Finding Clients 0:25:59 Why Use Industry-Specific Marketing Firms? 0:29:22 Our Experience with Brett 0:33:59 Announcing LaundroBoost 0:38:44 Why Choose LaundroBoost? 0:40:21 Marketing Self-Serve Laundry -Where to Start 0:45:31 Relevancy Scores & Landing Pages 0:48:26 What are Meta-tags? 0:48:56 Should You Do Marketing Your Self? 0:55:56 Importance of Key Words 0:58:10 Expected Costs 0:58:44 Weekly Reports 1:02:46 Geo-Fencing for Marketing 1:10:29 Correcting a Bad Digital Footprint 1:15:48 Offer for Listeners