Inject a New Revenue Stream Into Your Laundromat w/Patrick Kelley

Looking for ways to increase self-serve revenue while also cutting costs for laundry drop-off and delivery services? Listen and learn from Patrick Kelley of Hydro Perfect Pour about the new service Dave & Carla are installing in their newest laundromat. Patrick shares how it works, how it’s different from other systems, and how it can not only add a new revenue stream, but decrease supply costs as well! Be sure to stay tuned to also hear about a special limited time discount offer!!

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Timestamps 00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 01:15 What is Hydro and How We Met 03:38 Our Misconceptions about Direct Injection 04:29 Hydro’s Background 07:07 A Special Discount Offer from Hydro 09:30 What Hydro Does 11:16 How Hydro is Different 14:58 The Tubing System 17:45 How Your Washers Communicate with the Hydro System 20:09 How the Product Travels to the Machines 25:45 How Hydro Can Both Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs34 35:36 Hydro Perfect Pour System’s Lifespan and Maintenance 36:52 Global Availability and Installation 38:05 Steps to Purchase and Who It’s Best For 39:19 With and Without Touchscreen 43:05 Charging per Wash Modifier 46:12 Plea to Manufacturers 48:34 Elevating the Industry 52:20 Teaching Customers About Hydro Perfect Pour 57:23 Cost and the ROI 58:25 Financing Options 58:52 Closing Remarks & Contact Information