Growth & Comfort Do Not Coexist with Alex Jekowsky

First StarchUp, then LaundroWorks, what’s next for Cents? In this episode of The Laundromat Millionaire Show, Dave & Carla interview Alex Jekowsky, CEO & Co-founder of Cents, to discuss the evolution of technology in the laundromat industry, the mistakes Cents has made along the way and their plans for the future.

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0:00:00 A Special Thanks to Our Followers 0:04:10 Service Provider Spotlight – Hydro Perfect Pour 0:05:24 The Laundromat Millionaire Show Intro 0:09:20 How, Why & For Whom – the Backstory of Cents 0:15:23 Owning Stores as a Vendor 0:18:47 Progression to an “All-in-One System” 0:26:19 The Technology Evolution in the Laundry Industry 0:31:54 Mastering One Area of Your Business & Customer Retention 0:35:47 Competition Makes Us All Better 0:38:59 The Cents Team – Responsiveness and Training 0:42:46 How Alex Defines “All-in-One Management System” 0:50:03 What’s Next? Selling or Here to Stay? 0:52:55 Mergers & Acquisitions – LaundroWorks & StarchUp 1:00:10 Raising Funds for Cents 1:12:15 Google Integration & Self-Branded Apps for Delivery 1:14:44 Final Thoughts