Getting Real with Alliance Laundry's CEO with Mike Schoeb

Franchises…Corporate Stores…Equipment Distributors…Supply Chain Breakdown…Technological Advancements…the Future of the Industry?? Yes, we hit all the hot topics in this candid interview with one of the top CEO’s in the Laundry Industry, Mike Schoeb of Alliance Laundry Systems!

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0:00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 0:02:21 Inviting Input from Operators 0:06:06 Mike’s Background 0:09:12 Alliance’s Business Breakdown 0:14:52 The Impact of COVID and Supply Chain Breakdowns 0:21:16 American vs Overseas Manufacturing 0:25:25 Why Buying Distributorships? 0:37:12 Shortage of Service Technicians 0:42:02 Technology Changes & Touch Controls 0:47:56 Corporate Stores & Franchises 1:05:44 Evolution from Self-Service to Full-Service 1:08:16 A Renaissance in the Laundry Industry 1:17:11 Final Thoughts