Fighting for the Independent Laundromat Owners w/Jordan Berry

“If we don’t get on board, we’re going to be left behind!” Jordan Berry, from the Laundromat Resource, joins Dave & Carla Menz to discuss the current trends in the laundry industry, the threats we need to prepare ourselves for, and a call to action for all laundromat owners to help each other succeed. Also, learn the reasons behind Jordan’s recent sale of his first laundromat, the signs you may be ready to sell, and his plans for the future of the Laundromat Resource platform.

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Timestamps 00:00 Service Provider Spotlight – Magazine Jukebox 00:49 The Laundromat Millionaire Show Intro 03:14 Downsizing – When to Sell Your Laundromat 15:11 What is the Value of Your Time? 21:52 Would You Buy It Today? 25:22 Jordan’s Next Steps – Sales & Investments 26:45 Keeping Up on the Data or Get Left Behind 32:11 Current Trends in the Laundry Industry 40:56 The Results from Ignoring the Data 43:43 What We All Can Do – Stronger Together 49:05 Free & Paid Resources through the Laundromat Resource Platform 57:26 A Call to Action 59:07 Final Thoughts