Creating Growth & Giving Back with Dave & Carla Menz

Want to create a buzz in your community that brings customers flocking to your store? Whether it’s a grand opening or your 20 year anniversary, it’s still a great time to plan a Free Wash Event for your customers! Follow along as Dave & Carla detail how they set up their Anniversary event, why they did it, the costs associated with it and the feedback they’ve received since. Take notes as you begin planning yours!

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00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 02:53 Why a Free Wash Event 07:33 What the Even Included 16:15 Collecting Customer Info for Marketing 18:29 Inviting Other Community Businesses & Resources 20:39 Cost for Event 23:50 Staffing & Busy Times 25:59 Feedback During & Afterwards from Community