Before You Add More Equipment with Horace Lewis

If your laundromat is so busy people are turning away, does that mean it’s time to expand? Do you need more space and more equipment or is there another solution? When is the right time to invest in more equipment or even another location? Listen as Horace Lewis shares his laundromat journey with Dave & Carla Menz and they discuss this often debated topic.

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Timestamps 00:00 Service Provider Spotlight – Laundromat Millionaire Insurance 01:40 The Laundromat Millionaire Show Intro 03:08 Horace’s Backstory: Finding Opportunity in a Recession 09:18 How Jobs Prepare You to be an Entrepreneur 14:35 From Real Estate Investor to Gaming Machines to Laundromats 18:52 Finding a Great Location 22:57 Getting the Store Open and Marketing to the Community 28:23 When Should You Buy More Equipment? 42:38 Incentives for Slow Days 43:46 Finding a 2nd Location 49:01 Changing the Stigma of Laundromats 52:07 Next Steps for Horace 52:33 Adding Skill Games to a Laundromat 54:00 Closing Remarks