A Must for All Wash-Dry-Fold Operators with Mark Vlaskamp

From creating The Folde, selling to 2ULaundry, and becoming a CLA Board Member, Mark Vlaskamp has had a busy few years! Listen as he shares his story and the event he is currently excited about that is a necessity for anyone interested in drop-off laundry or delivery services. Be sure to stay tuned as Dave & Carla reveal a special coupon code for $100 off for any Laundromat Millionaire Show listener!!

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00:00 Laundromat Millionaire Intro 01:18 Mark’s Backstory – Creating The Folde 08:50 Making Delivery Profitable by Adjusting the Volume and Price 12:49 Connecting with Codie Sanchez 15:33 Why Sell to 2ULaundry? 17:51 Why “By the Bag” Pricing? 19:56 Why Joined the CLA Board? 23:45 Changes Happening in CLA 29:53 The First WDF Conference 2022 35:44 The 3 Things the We Learned and What to Expect in WDF 2023 40:49 Preliminary Speaker Lineup 44:50 Dave & Carla’s Presentation Topic 50:54 Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities 53:21 Ticket Price and Discount Code 54:27 Closing Remarks