Laundromat Millionaire PUD Workshop | Agenda





Cincinnati, Ohio


Hot Breakfast Meet & Greet at The Fountain:

Let’s meet at the beautiful hotel water feature where we’ll get to know each other over a delicious deluxe hot breakfast as we eat, chat and network with attendees from all over the country.


Session 1: Welcome & Queen City Laundry PUD Model Overview:

Prepare to be amazed at the scalable simplicity of our KPI’s, Revenue Breakdown & Operational Framework. In this welcome session, Dave explains how Queen City Laundry competes and dominates the big boys as an Independent Operator and how you can too!

You’ll want to have your pencil sharpened as he describes the competitive advantages of Market Differentiators and how to make them work in your favor. This beginning morning session is a high-level overview of the entire workshop that’ll get your creative mind running wild.


Session 2: Getting Started with The Proper Operational Foundations:

With the welcome and overview in hand, it’s time to get to work! Get started by teaching, discussing, and dissecting the details of launching your Pickup & Delivery Business. While this session is geared towards those that are preparing to launch in their market, there’s plenty to be learned at all levels of operations.





Session 3: How Strategic Redundancies & A Rockstar Team are the keys to Scalability.

To build a “scalable” business we must have the right foundation of redundancies and CORE Team in place, but this doesn’t need to be complicated.

We will define the roles needed at launch but more importantly dive into what the Queen City Laundry team structure and culture looks like today and how to position yourself for accelerated growth.



Group Travel to Queen City Laundry


Session 4: The Art of Repeatable Folding & Packaging       

Folding and bagging laundry isn’t difficult to do if you know how and have experience. Doing it quickly also isn’t difficult to do if quality isn’t a top priority. What is difficult is to accomplish a high-quality control, in an efficient manner and with highly repeatable consistency.

You’ll LOVE this hands-on session taught by our Rockstar General Manager of 10 years, Marlene Adams, and her Asst GM, Carrie Hughes. Grab a folding board and follow along as they teach a hands-on session where we learn the art of folding and packing in a quick, efficient, and highly repeatable process with stunning consistency. Learn this art and you’ll be well on your way to Elite status in your market!



On Site Lunch Catered by Cincinnati’s Legendary Bakery, Servatti’s

(Plus extra time to practice folding & packaging)



Session 5: The Art of Intake, Delegation and how Ownership of the Order is our secret weapon!

Watch and learn as our leadership team and drivers intake the days bounty of laundry from Cincinnati, Ohio. Yes, in the beginning there’s not much to this, but, as you scale, there’s an art to intake and assigning the orders to your team based on their strengths, weaknesses, and availability.

Also learn how our strategic “Ownership of the Order” process is one of our secret weapons and how we train, implement, and hold our processors accountable to high standards.

Lastly, in this advanced session learn what are reasonable speeds for a processor, how soon to expect a high level of production and the delicate balance of onboarding and training a new processor.



Group Travel Return to Conference Center



Session 6: Studying the Variations of Pickup & Delivery Logistics

It’s no secret that at Queen City Laundry, we are big believers in a Route Based Delivery System, but what exactly does that mean and why is it better?

In this session we will dive deep into all things logistics which includes On Demand, Window Based or Route Based Logistics? Prepare to be challenged as Dave coaches the group through this vitally important discussion.


Enjoy a Refresh/Networking Break



Group Travel to our Evening Dinner Destination


Relax and have some fun together as we enjoy amazing food, views and discuss the topics of Day 1. (Be sure to save room for dessert!)



Group Travel back to Queen City Laundry


Session 7: The science behind a 3rd Shift Laundry Processing Team and scaling to the moon!

Yes, we know it’s been a long day, but there’s so much more to learn! Hang in there for what is most people’s favorite part of the workshop. Our Party Bus takes everyone back to Queen City Laundry to witness, observe and learn the art that is 3rd shift production at volume. Some clients have called this a “Thing of Wonder that you have to see to believe.”

(Loading, Sorting, Washing to Setup & Prep to Move to Dryers to Stocking Carts to Cleanup Washer Dept to Remove from Dryer/Layout to Folding/Packaging to Cleanup Dryer Dept to Lock up)

11:00PM – 11:30PM

Group Travel back to the Hotel/Conference Center


Deluxe Breakfast Buffet at the Hotel Waterfall



Group Travel to Queen City Laundry



Session 8: Route Optimization for Efficiency & Delivery Vehicle Loading.

Back to Queen City Laundry Headquarters for more in person observation and teaching. On site we will watch and learn how routes are optimized in our software, counts are measured, and the truck is loaded in an efficient manner and organized manner.(Truck size, design, layout and more)



Session 9: In Store Facilities/Operations Q&A

Before we head back to the Conference Center take this final opportunity to peruse, take pictures and ask questions regarding the Queen City Laundry facilities in person.



 Group Travel to Conference Center


Networking Lunch around the Conference Center Waterfall



Session 10: Marketing & Advertising to our Ideal Avatar for success in a competitive market.

Advertising and Marketing. Exactly what’s the difference and how do we focus on positioning our brand to serve and attract our ideal customers?


Session 11: Marketing & Advertising to our Ideal Avatar with media expert, Brett Lyon




Session 12: Key Strategies for Attracting, Screening, Hiring and Retaining a Rockstar Team

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.”     – Richard Branson

Everyone knows it’s tough to find and build an amazing team.  Everyone also know this is vitally important to the success of a growth-oriented team. Because of Dave’s operational and Coaching experience, he’s had a unique perspective on most topics and this one is no different. We’ll spend dedicated time to this important subject matter because simply put, you’ll have a revolving door in your organization if you don’t get these correct.


Session 13: Open Question and Answer Session with Dave, Carla and Team

During this session “open session” we will spend an entire hour dedicated to nothing open discussion format regarding ALL THINGS Pickup & Delivery. We may even have a little fun during this time too!




Group Travel to Dinner



Enjoy amazing food & ambiance as our Party Bus takes us to another one of Cincinnati’s best restaurants and views. (While the networking and food will be amazing, remember this dinner isn’t just fluff. Don’t miss this last chance at Q&A with the entire group as we regroup, polish up and discuss everything we’ve learned over the last 2 days)



Return Group Travel to Hotel/Conference Center


Don’t Forget – You also get 2 One-on-One Coaching Hours with Dave during the 6 months following the Workshop