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The Grit To Elevate An Industry

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The Grit To Elevate An Industry

ambitious person, if you’ve always wanted to own and run your own successful business, if you’re sick and tired of working a job, if you want to make a helluva lot more money than ever and still have bags of time to spend with your family; then you’re going to want to listen to what I have to say to you.

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You have serious ambitions, right?

You’ve always thought of yourself as a go-getter.

You have visions of owning your own business, that earns you tons of money, and gives you the time and freedom to enjoy family time, travel the world, and enjoy life!

Just thinking about it fires you up, doesn’t it?

But right now you aren’t making them a reality.

It seems like there’s a huge gap between your current life and the one you want to lead.

You’ve dabbled in business and tried your best to make it work, but your idea never seems to truly take off.

Maybe you’ve tried working long hours outside of your job, giving it your all to build something of your own, but to no avail.

Or perhaps you’re so unsure and uncertain that you’ve never given yourself the chance to pursue your business idea!

No matter which one of these describes you, let me ask you…

How long will you wait to create the business of your dreams?

Time waits for no man or woman.

If you’re serious about your goals, your dreams, then you’ve got to pursue them.

Nothing in this life is going to just fall into your lap!

But it’s not entirely your fault; until now, you’ve had little to no guidance in the business realm.

After all, how can you sail from one place to the next if you don’t know how to operate the boat?

That’s until today.

Laundromat Millionaire

The Grit To Elevate An Industry

I am going to show you exactly how I built the business of my dreams and how you can too…

Hi there, I’m Dave Menz.

I’m not anyone particularly special.

I grew up poor. I was a working man. 

Yet, like you, I was ambitious!

That business vision was always inside me, and I knew some way, somehow, I was going to make it work for me.

So I studied the greats in the business, spending hours learning exactly what makes a business tick over countless insomniac-ish nights.

When I saw a local, rundown laundromat listed for sale on Craigslist, I got to work and applied this knowledge.

That laundromat turned into a chain; Queen City Laundry.

And before I knew it, I was a millionaire.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if I grew up poor and managed to become a millionaire with a laundromat chain of all things, then you can do the same with whatever your vision is!

In my new book, Laundromat Millionaire, I will share with you the stories, lessons, and strategies that have allowed me to realize of my goal of being a business owner – and the principles, the tools, the mindset and YUP – the grit – to achieve that success.

You will learn:

I know this book will help you so much on your path toward making your business a reality.

If it wasn’t for this info, I’d still be stuck in my day job, dreaming about what could be.

Will that be you? Or will you make a change today and show the world what you have to give?

If you’re choosing the latter, click the button below and order your copy of Laundromat Millionaire today.

I look forward to seeing you and your business flourish!

About Dave Menz

Known as The Laundromat Millionaire, Dave Menz is the proprietor of the Queen City Laundromat Chain in Cincinnati, OH.

After finding his first laundromat on Craigslist, Dave overhauled it from a struggling, outdated investment that was losing money to one that became a valuable proposition that served as a vital community asset. That soon became a multi-million dollar business chain.

With his book, podcast, and coaching, he teaches others how to do the same and achieve similar success!

Outside of work, Dave loves spending quality time with his family in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.