Are you searching for affordable coverage for your laundry business? Search no more!

Are you searching for affordable coverage for your laundry business? Search no more!

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Coverage You Can Count On

Laundromat Millionaire has partnered with an Insurance Brokerage Firm that specializes in finding affordable, comprehensive coverage for businesses in the laundry industry.

Over 30 Years Experience in Insurance
Providing Coverage for Over 1,000 Laundromats Nationwide
Customers Save Up To 37% When They Switch
Who Are We?
Who Are We?

Dave and Carla Menz are experienced laundromat owners and industry consultants dedicated to helping laundromats everywhere provide a quality community service while increasing profitability for owners. They have partnered with an insurance brokerage firm of experienced professionals dedicated to providing the coverage you need, the service you deserve and at a price you can afford.

Dave & Carla Menz
Dave & Carla Menz

Dave & Carla have been in the laundromat industry since 2010 and operate a chain of 4 full-service laundry centers in Cincinnati, Ohio under the brand Queen City Laundry. In addition to their laundry business, they have built the educational platform Laundromat Millionaire which provides industry-specific resources such as a podcast, products, courses, workshops, consulting and more!

Larry Trapani
Larry Trapani

Larry is a seasoned veteran of the insurance industry since 1985, attaining his B.S. in Marketing from Pace University, followed by his insurance license in 1989. Since then, he has worked his way up through the company to become president in 2001. In 2003, Larry, with Joel Blitzer, developed and launched the Laundromat Success Program - a program created to educate and completely protect Laundromat business owners. His wealth of experience includes providing customers with commercial, personal, laundromat and life insurance policies.

Joel Blitzer
Joel Blitzer

Joel has been working in the Insurance industry since 1989. He holds a B.S. degree in business from the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University. Upon graduating, he held the positions of underwriter for Aetna Life and Casualty, Senior Multi-National Underwriter for A.I.G. and later became an Independent Insurance Agent. Joel joined the firm in 2001 as Commercial Lines Manager and became Vice President in 2004. Joel is co-creator of the “Laundromat Success Program”, the firm's premier industry program for Laundromat owners nationwide

Our Story Regarding Insurance

Why the Laundromat Millionaire Insurance Program? How did it start?

When we were looking for affordable coverage for our laundry business, we struggled to find insurance brokers that really understood the laundry industry and its unique needs.

Between owning real estate, leasing spaces, a fleet of delivery vehicles, and just overall liability protection, our needs were vast.

We tried various brokers and insurance agencies directly, but encountered many common obstacles. Some provided horrible customer service when you needed them most. Some kept their prices down by merely making us underinsured. Others assigned us policies we later learned were only for dry cleaning facilities!

We were frustrated and there was clearly a need among laundromat owners that was not being adequately met.

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That's when we met Larry Trapani and Joel Blitzer, who both had a wealth of experience in insuring not just businesses, but laundromats specifically. Together, we decided to create the Laundromat Millionaire Insurance Program, a platform to connect outstanding insurance brokers having industry-specific knowledge to all the other independent laundromat owners like ourselves.

Our goal is to help other laundromat businesses find the comprehensive insurance coverage they can trust at a price they can afford and with the customer service they deserve!

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We are helping Laundry business owners find affordable coverage they can trust.

Laundromat Insurance

Do you run a self-serve laundromat? Is it attended? Is it open 24 hours? Do you provide any wash-dry-fold services? These answers all impact the type of insurance policy you need and our team will make sure you get the right coverage for your unique business.

Umbrella Insurance

Would you like additional liability coverage that kicks in when your current liability policy limit has been reached? Our team can match you with an affordable umbrella policy to give you that extra layer of protection.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Do you have employees? Workers Compensation Insurance is required in most areas. If an employee becomes injured or ill on the job, it kicks in to cover lost wages and medical costs. Our team can get you a policy to mitigate this risk.

Flood Insurance

Are you located in a flood zone or in a coastal area? Depending on your location, you may need specialized coverage and our team can guide you to the right policy for your situation.
Premium Services

Are You Fully Covered?

We want to help you get the coverage you can trust, at a price you can afford, and with the customer service you deserve!

The Laundromat Millionaire Insurance Program helps laundromat owners create a detailed plan to completely protect all aspects of their business. With our brokers knowledge and experience, this program addresses the potential of business crippling losses and reacts proactively instead of re-actively.

Our brokers are not here just to sell you insurance— they’re here to provide you support and expertise, so you can make the most informed decisions about your business.