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Learn How To Create, Scale & Optimize Your WDF & PUD Business

Dave Menz has spent more than a decade in the Laundromat Industry creating a successful chain of laundry centers and a booming Pick-Up & Delivery Service in the Cincinnati area.
With a passion for Elevating the Industry, Dave has coached over 100 operators to achieve his same level of success.
Are You Ready to Become the Next Laundromat Millionaire??

Current Owner Looking to Grow?

Started in 2016, Dave and his team have created a booming Laundry Pick-Up & Delivery Service which continues to grow today. After a couple of difficult and costly first years, Dave finally “cracked the code” on how to do it and now helps other owners to find the answer to

“How Do I Create a Profitable Wash-Dry-Fold or Pick-Up & Delivery Service?”

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“Don’t Want to Wait for Our Next Workshop?”

Whether anxious to get started, in need of different dates, or you just want a more individualized program, our One-on-One Pick-Up & Delivery Training may be the perfect solution! Similar to our 2-day workshop above, but customized for your schedule, your market, and your stage in the business journey. Ready to see how Dave can help you launch, scale, and grow the profits of your Pick-Up & Delivery business? Click the learn more and schedule a call.

Dave has personally helped over a hundred laundromat owners find success in the laundromat industry through his personalized one-on-one coaching. Every situtation is different and advice is customized to each client’s needs, but Dave guides them to answer the question

“How Do I Successfully Grow My Business?”

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New to the Laundromat Industry?

After years of frustration over the lack of guidance for those wanting to get started in the Laundromat Industry and helping clients overcome huge financial mistakes after trying it on their own, there is finally an answer to

“How Do You Buy a Laundromat the Right Way?”

This program will guide you through how to find the right distributor, location, valuate the business, obtain financing, and create a modernized laundromat of your own in just 3-6 months! Click the link to learn more .