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Learn How To Create, Scale & Optimize Your WDF & PUD Business

Starting with very little in savings and one run-down laundromat, they became Laundromat Millionaires.

Now they're dedicated to helping YOU become a Laundromat Millionaire TOO!

Our Mission:

Elevate the Laundromat

Industry-Specific Marketing
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What Clients Say

The proof is in the pudding. Learn more about what a few of my clients have said about working with me.

“I met Dave Menz at the CLEAN Show in 2019. Shortly after meeting him I began utilizing him as a coach/mentor. A few years later I can directly point to his coaching as a $150,000 increase in my companies’ profitability per year! I couldn’t recommend his expertise any more.”

Kent Wales – Owner- Happy Laundry Spokane, Washington

“Dave Menz is the real deal. He knows the laundromat business inside and out from hard-fought experience, intentional learning, and a vast network within the industry. His heart is one of a teacher and a giver, and there is no better person in this industry to learn from and to be guided by. I highly recommend his book and coaching if you’re in the market for a laundromat or want to optimize your laundromat business. Laundromat Millionaire is ten out of ten – only because the scale doesn’t go higher!”

Jordan Berry, Founder Laundromat Resource

“Dave is clearly very passionate about the laundromat business, entrepreneurship and helping others. His approach to mentoring is from a servant heart which I believe is rare these days and very much appreciated. Dave listened, asked questions and provided guidance to help me evaluate the best course of action for my specific situation. I truly felt like I was speaking with a friend and would highly recommend Laundromat Millionaire as a resource and ally in your business.”

Linda Dang – Commercial Property Owner

“I consulted with Dave on several occasions as I was looking to invest in and run a laundromat. As we visited, I realized that he has the same general thoughts on building and running a business as I do, so we got into a lot of the details and he has tremendous experience and has gone through almost anything you can think of, while building a very successful multi-store self-service, pickup and delivery laundromat business. If you are trying to find out about the laundromat business, Dave is a very valuable resource. I highly recommend him.”

Randy McCall CPA

“As an industry expert focusing on customer service and operations with repeatable processes in Self-Serve, Wash, Dry & Fold, and Pickup & Delivery Laundry Services, Dave Menz is on a mission to help you do the same.”

Steve Millman, HM Company