Coaching Services


Dave will provide an overview of how his coaching works – the process and benefits.

Foundation Call | 2 Hours

During this call, we will cover a wide variety of topics and subjects designed to build a basic foundation for our
relationship. My approach to each client is to individualize my advice to fit your ambitions, dreams and yes your
specific capital position. In short, I don’t give you advice based on my worldview, but try to do so through your
lens, but while still using my experience and expertise (What would I do, if I were in your situation). This initial call
is designed to be foundational in our relationship moving forward and is vitally important.

Post Foundation Call

Individually quoted based on travel & lodging time and expenses. These visits are in person, with Dave, in your
specific market. These visits are often used for things like site evaluations, competitor and/or market evaluations,
operations evaluations and/or improvements, growth strategy. Generally include 1 full day with Dave but can be
quoted as multiple days as needed.

Monthly Coaching Relationship | $800/Mth

This relationship will involve an ongoing one on one coaching/mentor relationship with Dave personally. This plan
is recommended for those seeking a regular and ongoing relationship with Dave.
While this is a month to month relationship there’s no commitment in length. This is recommended for those that
foresee an active relationship of at least 3 months or longer.
This time will consist of a regularly scheduled biweekly 1 hour call in which we will discuss the previous periods’
progress, as well as a plan for the following two weeks. Any additional consulting hours needed within the monthly
plan would be at a rate of $400/hr.

À La Carte Coaching Time | $500/Hr

This time will be for common things like, phone consultations, lease reviews, market research, business plan
guidance, financing strategies, growth strategies, Operations improvement, etc.