Read Dave’s Story As Seen In Business Insider

Grit, what does it mean?  Millionaire, does it have meaning?

Dave Menz, a working class guy from Flint, MI, grew up in poverty and overcame superhero-like obstacles. This story is a life and business journey that doesn’t stop at rags to riches. It begins with a stubborn and obsessive mission to be a business owner with a tenacious and genuine purpose to help others to do the same – even if you also do not have a college degree or perhaps because you have one.

If you think there is nothing sexy about a laundromat, think again. Dave says he had to give that measured deliberation, but what it boils down to is – if he can – you can.

In essence, how’d Dave become a Millionaire?

Well, nothing fell in his lap.  He pursued it. By scratchin’, scrapin’ and hustlin’ – and foremost, his mantra: Never Give Up.

The stories and examples in this book may focus on laundry…and, for a guy who has earned success in it, pay homage of course!  It is a vital community resource that simplifies a life, and can improve a neighborhood. Yet, the many tenets pertain to perhaps all industries, and certainly the way we choose to do business.  Read on….and you will bear witness to what works.

Do Not – Do Not – Underestimate True Grit

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